No flat tires when driving through hurricane debris field. One officer located twelve nails in a single tire with no air leak.

Being in the garbage industry, we are always running over nails and other things in the landfills and transfer stations. On average, we were getting close to 9 to 10 flats per week.

Last year alone, my company spent around $130,000 for tires and repair costs, so when the LiQuiTube rep came by and demonstrated the product I said to myself, “What do I have to lose?”


Over a year ago I tried it on several trucks just to see if it would work. After testing it, I was really impressed to see how it cut the flats down to a VERY low percentage. We now see an average of less than one flat each week.


The owner of our company is very thankful to know how much money we have saved on tires and repairs. That can really help any garbage company’s bottom line.


LiQuiTube has a guarantee that stands far above any other on the market place. We know why – it really works! We now make sure that all of the trucks in our fleet have LiQuiTube in them for cost savings and safety issues for our drivers.



Joe Gikie – Head Mechanic

Good’s Disposal, Inc

Lancaster, PA

To whom it may concern

We tried liquitube in a Kawasaki 95izv front end loader with a 7 yard bucket.  This loader digs blasted ledge eight hours a day.  Onefront tire had gotten nine cuts on one sidewall of the tire, with some all the way next to the bead.  The tire would go flat in three days.  This tire can’t have a tube, do to the severe application that it operates in.  It seemed our only option was to replace the tire at a cost of $8000.00 dollars.  After talking to Dave from liquitube we decided to try it.  Never been more happy.  liquitube was put in the tire at 7am and pressure set at 60psi one month later tire still at 60psi.  Liquitube saved us $7600 dollars


Kyle Estes Crusher Forman

P.Y. Esstes & Son


Customer: LiquiTube lndustries, LLC
7752L Kevin Lane
Carterville, I llinois 629L8

Reference: Smithers Scientific Services, lnc.

These are the written reports which summarize our findings on the tire sealant formula now being marketed
under the name brand LiquiTube Premium Tire Sealant, (referred to hereafter as tire sealant).

Three areas were investigated;
1. Determine the physical and chemical properties of the tire sealant including weight per volume,
boiling point, freezing point, viscosity and viscosity versus reduced temperature, and corrosion effect
on tire wire cord.

2. Passenger tire temperature study with and without tire sealant.

3. Truck tire rolling resistance study with and without the tire sealant.
Conclusions reached suggest that the tire sealant does not degrade tire components, does not rust steel wire
tire cords, may act as a heat sink and allow for cooler tread shoulder temperatures, and has a variable viscosity
(non-newtonian). A study of viscosity as temperature was reduced to -55C, {-57f), suggests it dynamic flow
rate changes as temperature changes. lt also suggests the tire sealant does not impede the rolling resistance
of low profile radial truck tires.

Being a long range hauler for many years I ran across a product called LiQuiTube Heavy Duty Tire sealant several years ago at a trade show I was attending in Louisville, KY.

I was going through a lot of tires and I need to cut my cost on tire repairs. So I tried it in one of my trailers that I was hauling equipment to Arizona and installed it in only several of my tires. I didn’t put in all my tires because I want to see how hot the tires got hauling in extreme heat conditions in Arizona.

Was I really impressed? I had a temperature gauge that I checked the tires that had LiQuiTube in compared to the tires I didn’t have LiQuiTube in and what a huge difference.

The tires with LiQuiTube where so much cooler than the one’s without LiQuiTube.  And also LiQuiTube keeps my truck tires in balance on long range runs and that’s another savings.

I now use LiquiTube in my entire trailer tires when I am hauling equipment.


D & H Hauling

Lancaster, PA

Owner, Mel Stoltzfus

Dear Lyndon & Scott,

Everyone knows that flat tires are a costly expense.  Before I put LiquiTube in my rental fleet, I had no idea just how large the “cost of doing business” actually was.  And I certainly didn’t know that there was a solution.


Until a year ago, we were averaging one flat tire every week on our rental fleet.  This is to be expected.  People abuse rental equipment – that’s why the rent it!


Adding up the cost of fixing or replacing the tire, rebating our customer for his downtime and paying my guys to get it done, I conservatively figure that flats were costing me $400.00 each.


In April 2014, I put LiquiTube in every tire in my rental fleet.  I haven’t had a flat tire since.


That’s just north of $20,000 that your product has saved me last year.  Money that was just walking out the door.


I use this personal story to sell LiquiTube to my customers.  Until you paint the picture, people don’t realize just how costly flats are to their business.  But when we show them the value of LiquiTube as a preventative tire treatment, it’s an easy product to sell.


We will continue to recommend LiquiTube to all of our customers.  Thanks for your support


Sincerely ,

Buddy Funk

Owner- Bobcat of Ft. Wayne

Permanently sealed multiple nail and thorn punctures in 20″ BMX bicyle tubes while still allowing tricks to be performed that involve very rough use of the tires.

The entire cost of the product was saved within 2 months.

Multiple punctures from a variety of objects such as nails, thorns, screws, golf tees, etc. are quickly and permanently sealed.

Removal of the tire sealant was short and not difficult. It took less than 5 minutes to remove the product from each tire. We can see an increase in retreadable casings from our customers who use the sealant. Damage to the tires could still be located and the sealant did not restrict our ability to make repairs. No adverse effects on recapping equipment or the recapping process.

90% reduction of flat tires. No corrosion to the rims and no adverse reaction.