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Liquitube has a variety of product options for total tire maintenance.  The three main sealant options that we offer are Liquitube Premium, Liquitube Extreme, and Liquitube Ballast.

Liquitube Premium is used in over the road applications (10 ply or higher) and in light duty off road applications.  This is perfect for semi-tractor and trailer tires, mower tires, construction wheel implements, skid-steer tires, tractor tires, farm implement tires, and center pivot systems are some examples.  This is the most versatile and easy to use sealant that we offer.  Liquitube Premium may be installed through the valve stem. Check with your manufacturers suggestions before installing this product in a vehicle with a TPMS system.

Liquitube Extreme is for Heavy Equipment applications.  Mining equipment, Forestry equipment, large pivot loaders, articulated dump trucks, and military vehicles are examples that we suggest for this type of product application.  It is a much thicker sealant and the install application is different than Liquitube Premium.  Liquitube Extreme may not be applied through the valve stem.

Liquitube Ballast is used in applications that require your equipment to have a pre-installed ballast in your wheels.  The two most common types of ballast used are Calcium Chloride and Beet Juice.  Liquitube Ballast sealant has shown to be successful in small punctures when used with both of these types of pre-installed ballast.  We do not recommend using Liquitube with an inner-tube type of application.