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55 Gallon Drum


Part# 1220-7040
55 Gallon Drum of LiquiTube® Permanent Premium Tire Sealant
Comes with Empty 5 Gallon Pail and Fill Kit
Used with 5 Gallon Pump (Not Included)
Can Also Be Used with 55 Gallon Drum Pump (Not Included)
Can Also Be Used with Drum Cradle (Pictured but Not Included)

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Product Description

LiquiTube® Permanent Premium Tire Sealant is specifically formulated for use in all air filled tires. The 55 gallon drum comes with an empty 5 gallon pail and a fill kit. It is meant to be installed with the 5 gallon injection pump (not included). 55 gallons of LiquiTube® Permanent Premium Tire Sealant will treat 156 semi truck tires, 88 skid steer tires, all 4 tires on a 11 back hoes or small tractors, 22 large tractor tires, 22 wheel loader tires, or 220 ATV tires.

Additional Information

Weight 48 oz
Dimensions 14 x 14 x 20 in